Take all the help in the world you can get

Hi people, today I’m going to share a conversation that I had with one of a trainee in my company. I gave her a task to be completed in a few hours. She did that in 1.5 days and then she wrote me :

sir i created inline stylesheet……….
and i created whole template again at home……
and i didnt take anyone”s help………

I am very surprised on people who feel so proud and prefer to lose time, but not to take help, no matter what. In my personal opinion, it’s the wrong path. We should try to get all help in the world (of course if it’s allowed) to solve a particular problem rather to waste time struggling ourselves. We can at least get the idea/logic of the solution and can try its implementation.

I replied something similar to her :

I don’t care if you take help!… all I care is job should be completed before time with quality! Instead I would say take all help in the world you can get. One might never know the perfect solution, if he just always try to write his own. The art is not about solving the problem, the art is to provide the perfect solution.! :)

Never have this feeling that I won’t take help and build the second Taj Mahal, I had the same attitude, but my teacher told me, Nitin – there are already lots of pending problems to be solved, if you are having one that is already solved, don’t hesitate to ask for solution. Study the solution and may be one day you might be able to solve something that is still unsolved. Just spending most of the time, in solving problems which are already solved, one is wasting a large-time-part of his/her life. So get the solutions, study & analyze them and move to next problem.

To which she replied :

ok sir. You are absolutely right, I will always keep this in my mind……