Visiting Card Management Software

Visitex is unique online visiting card management software. It manages all the data regarding your visiting card.


*Online software therefore no needs to install or maintain software.
*Run like email accounts
*Excel import (import data from excel).
*Unlimited number of cards may be stored
*Cards may be viewed at any time.
*Two way searching of cards.
*Very simple to use.
*Add several details (Name, Company Name and Email address) and the card is stored.
*One click is all that is needed.
*Online Support for using.

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This software provides the same interface to be used for monitoring user activities on computers in LAN and monitoring the users themselves. Apart from that it provides the facility of running commands remotely, issue messages which can be taken as warning/helping messages. A very striking feature is the ability to find out what programs are running on different computers and even provide the ability to close a subset of the running programs. It also provides an exotic feature, where the admin can control the mouse of the client machine remotely, and can help that particular user, may be say about how a particular task is to be performed or he himself can install programs and do other stuff on the remote machine.


Epaathshala is complete school management software solution. It is built upon the web technology. The main problem was to built up a solution for use in both CBSE and other BOARDs school and hence we required a solution that is small and at the same time can provide a deep inview of stored data.

Key Features:-

* Web based Sortware.
* E-paathshala is a very user friendly.
* Flexibility in fee matter and discount.
* Alteration of the required data from any records.
* Creation of reports in widely range.
* Expanded role of exam module.
* SMS facility makes it different than others.

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