He who chooses the best doctor but the worse coder

I’m writing my first post related to what flows in my mind.

Do you have clients who always opt to choose the cheapest coder ? Do you have clients who want the best in the least ? Do you have clients who give more priority to the budget than to the quality ?

Well unfortunately, I have quite some.

I have this very strange feeling that why does someone when falls sick wants to get treated by the best doctor in town regardless of his fees. Doesn’t care or think even for a single second for paying 10 times more than an average doctor just to get the best treatment with the most experienced doctor.

Where does this thinking goes when you have to choose someone for writing a software ? When it comes to software, they doesn’t care about the ultimate end-product, all that matters is money. A doctor with 20 years of experience has 10 times fees of a new one. But a coder with 10 years of experience, can’t even quote twice the price of a new bie has quoted. Just because someone thinks that programming knowledge doesn’t matter. Everyone knows how to code. Both the experienced and the newbie will get the job done, so why hire someone experienced at twice the price. Why don’t they think the same for a doctor. Both the new & experienced doctor will get you cured, but of course there’s this probability which says the experienced will give the perfect cure in the least time. Although the newbie might give a cure, but it may not be perfect, it may last for sometime. Soft wares are the same! and hence they suffer from the same disease when one picks up a newbie instead of an experienced coder. Some clients are lucky and they get the software done by the newbie in the cheapest possible price.

But have you had clients who come to you and said – my old developer has gone, he’s not responding, the software he built is no longer functional. I tried this function which I never checked before and it crashes. I want this to be fixed. Now the clients don’t make mistakes, they get the best doctor, since the fever has turned worse into malaria, so only the best doctor can get it cured.

So ultimately they end up paying three times on which they had really saved the time & money, if they had given the job in first hand to the experienced person.

You won’t believe I had the same client, two days ago he told me – “Nitin, they are doing it for me for way less than what you have quoted” and I said – “I’m glad you found someone”. Today, he came and told me that they are stuck somewhere, can you please help. Also regarding the price please talk directly to them about your share in the project budget.

Those coders have already quoted less, my quotation to fix the problem takes almost 80% of their income and now they are pissed, everyone’s leaving the project one-by-one and I’m sure that the client shall come back to me straight away and ask to start it again from scratch.

This is a note for newbies – Don’t put a quote for something that you can’t do. Otherwise you may end up regretting your decision.

Note for the clients – It’s perfectly fine to pay more to experienced coders just as similar to an experienced doctor.

When I started writing I thought it’ll take hardly 2-3 lines, but woh! it’s almost 500 words now. Anyways, good coders don’t fear if you don’t get the job. The client shall ultimately land upon you sooner or later. Newbies, don’t be in a hurry to earn a fortunate, things take time, give time the time and you’ll be an experienced coder one day ;)