Every IT graduate thinks…

Hi friends,

Today I’m going to write about what an IT Graduate dreams to get and what he actually gets and of course the reason behind it.

As a graduate one thinks, to get a job in a nice company with good salary, with weekends (yes I mean both sat & sun) off. No hectic work schedules and a understanding & loving boss.

But does one really deserve this ?
If you have worked hard during your studies, did great preparation for the data-structures, algorithms, network programming, core concepts of software design & architecture, system analysis & design, then of course he deserves it.
But most of us aren’t like that and in physics way, we are not IDEAL and therefore what we get is also not ideal.
We get a low paying job, because our algorithms, programming & data structures aren’t good; an always shouting boss, alternate threatening of salary cuts & getting fired and almost no holidays.

Although unlike reality physics, a small percentage of us does get the ideal lifestyle. You know what’s the difference ?
In my opinion, the difference is just that they struggled very hard to let it move ideally. They were working day and night, no play lifestyle during the precious time when we were busy enjoying our lifestyle (or rather say destroying our future)

Is this fair ? Is there no other option ? OK, I made a mistake, now is there any possible solution ?

There of course is. But since we’ve already screwed things a bit. We need a bigger & better screwdriver to fix it! (if you know what I mean). We can start from taking things one at a time, building the basic blocks of programming, fixing our data-structures and algorithms. As & when it’ll start reflecting in your programs, then your always angry-boss will turn into a cool understanding boss. In a couple of months you’ll see salary increments. Soon your hectic life-style will have lots of rest spaces.

But the only problem is to realize the mistakes made in the past and struggle hard, to correct them in the present. Don’t give up to your frustrating life style instead fight to make it better and more luxurious.

It is not like that I’ve written something new or unique. Each one of us does understand this, but I just mentioned it.