Coding is a language and should be treated as such

Just discussed with a team-member and was amazed to hear the negligent reply.

Do we speak/say something without knowing what it means to the second person ?

No, right!. So how can we write a line of code without knowing what it does!? Does it make sense ?

Unfortunately, I have been meeting persons, who add hundreds/thousands of lines of code without knowing what it actually does/do. They just add it, because it is meant to do something, but no idea how exactly.

So, whenever in near future, a similar function is required, they tend to copy the same code without taking into consideration the similarity criteria. Just because something very similar is required, doesn’t mean it’s exactly the same as earlier and hence, both pieces of code can be entirely different.

Unless, we realise what a line means, we can never code according to requirements & fix any error or debug any issue/bug.

Why don’t we actually give coding the proper importance of a language ? In my opinion, coding is the easiest language ever made, so it should be the simplest to speak.